StreetLaw - CRF Going Digital Workshop

Intro (questions to think about before session):

What is the most effective part of your current professional development model / activities?
What areas would you like to improve in how you deliver curriculum and professional development?
What are your biggest frustrations with using technology as part of doing professional development?
What are the biggest needs you face in doing professional development at a distance?
How would you like to see your professional development evolve in the next five years?
How do you think technology can add value to your curriculum and curriculum delivery?
In an ideal world - what would you like your curriculum and professional development projects to look like in the not so distant future?

How can distance learning technologies be used in professional development?

Tools for collaborating and delivering professional development:
Classroom environment:
Google Chat
Arranging meeting - Collaborating
Google Docs / Calendar
Open Office


Seed Wiki

Other Helpful Tools:
File Conversion - zamzar
Zotero - research tool
Jing - screen video capture

How can technologies be integrated into curriculum and instruction?

Web 2.0

Educational Technology Class

Example Projects
Telling Their Stories (Urban School)

Examples of practice
Online discussion rubrics

How can technologies be used to help disseminate curriculum and engage in professional development?

Example Professional Blog
Teacher Discussion Site
Teacher Sharing Site
Persistent Issues in History Network

Curriculum Examples

Virtual Historian
Persistent Issues in History Network
Historical Scene Investigation (HIS)
Historical Inquiry
Center for History and New Media
Primary Source Learning (SCIM-C)

Future of Online Curriculum Tools

Our Courts

Augmented Reality Games