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Seeking Student Research Assistants
Reves Center Funded International Research Opportunity

Field Trips. Historic Sites. Museums. Singapore. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above, this project may be for you. I am looking for two student research assistants to work on a study of field based history education programs. This project looks comparatively at projects in Virginia and Singapore that train teachers and provide learning opportunities for students at museums and historic and heritage sites.

Student Researcher Qualifications
  • Some background or coursework in public history, museum studies, education, ethnographic research methods, or anthropology/archaeology.
  • Interest in conducting research including interviewing teachers and observing students.
  • Preference for an upper class undergraduate or graduate student.
  • International experience or experience with Asian schools preferred but not required
  • Previous travel or experience in Singapore is NOT required, but student researchers need to be prepared for the long flight, climate, and time change.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and work hard in the field!!

Student Researcher Responsibilities
  • Attend research training and meetings in late fall 2014 and early spring 2015
  • Assist with the preparation of research protocols and data collection instruments
  • Preparation readings on Singapore schools and curriculum
  • Travel to Singapore over Spring Break, March 2015 for up to 10 days
  • Assist with data collection in Singapore and in Virginia during this period
  • Transcribe notes and interviews and conduct initial analysis of data upon return to W&M in spring of 2015
  • Student researchers will be given the opportunity to co-author any publications that emerge from the project

Funding support is provided through the Reves Center for International Study will be provided to student researchers up to $3000 (total includes cost of travel insurance required by the Reves Center) to help cover flight, accommodations, and meals. Any additional costs will need to be covered by the student. There may be some opportunity for independent study or research credits where applicable and relevant.

To apply, fill out the attached application and email to Professor Stoddard ( Deadline for Application is October 1, 2014. If selected you will be asked to commit to the project by November 1, 2014 so that travel and research project preparations can be made for the spring research trip.